Viva la Vida – Cher Lloyd vs One Direction

Cher is a singer I’ve started to follow around youtube ever since I heard her X Factor audition. From two years ago.
So I came across this video that combined Cher’s and Once Direction’s renditions of „Viva la Vida”, and people got to choose „who did it better”. And I saw comments like „One direction” or „Cher, cause she was more original”…but no one bothered to actually comment on their performace.
Actually, most people just commented on Niall’s cuteness and the fact that he is the „secred weapon” ok 1D. For real?

Before we start, I’ll insert a picture to know which boy I’m talking about / because I had to google them to be able to comment.

Kay, let’s do this!

One Direction’s Viva la Vida:

Liam started okay-ish, but he chose not to follow the beat too much. That’s a risky thing – especially since he isn’t so sure on his vocals. As the opener, though, I imagined things will only get better. And the Zayn took from him, and the volume fell. Why did they give him a solo now when his voice isn’t even stable? They sound like they hadn’t eaten and hadn’t warmed up their voices! At X Factor! Un-freaking-believable.
While he sings, Harry and Niall thankfully entertain the audience with some moves. Harry looks aggressive. He’s probably pissed off about something. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Thank you Niall, finally someone who looks like he’s singing for the crowd. And the chorus starts.

BEEP. Who was the genius that made the strongest singers do the „aahs”? Okay, I get it, the others needed to sing too. But still!
And then Niall screws up by going ahead of the beat….at the „ooohs”, singing even louder, that selfish dude – and Liam desperately draws his attention, because he is destroying the harmony. And the chorus is their best part…
Finally, it’s over. Harry lookes bummed because he didn’t get a solo. 😦
For some strange reason, they don’t look too upset over how bad the song sounded. The fangirls scream and the judges shower them with praise. Are you DEAF?!

Cher Lloyd’s Viva la Vida

Cher’s version is better. Not just because she added her own touch, no. The vocals are steady, the pitch doesn’t slip, the rythm stays. And she performs, people. She’s there, she loves it, and she entertains.

She sings, she raps (even inserted her own lyrics), she swaggers, she’s got attitude, and you just can’t stop watching her, look at Nicole – the judge, she doesn’t want to miss a thing!

There’s no comparison, Cher is better.


But maybe One Direction had a bad day. So I went to check out another song. „Total Eclipse of the Heart”. It’s a disaster. Liam can’t hold on to the right pitch. Why do they keep giving him large solos? Moving on to „Torn”. Finally Harry gets a solo. And he didn’t screw up, how about that?
Louis has a warm voice, perfect for backing and harmonies, though I wish I had heard a solo of him too. He looks like he has a steady voice. This whole thing makes me think that the only reason they got so far was because they were Simon’s protegees. It’s just sad…and they have so many fangirls.
Of they perform like this now, standing and only walking around a bit, what’s going t happen when they’ll have to dance?

Oh well, I heard they are big now, so I wish them good luck. And share the solos.

The thing is, they were made a group because individually they were not good enough. They would have been eliminated. Actually, in X Factor, such a performance in the auditions will get you a reluctant pass…if the judges are in a good mood. Or desperate.

I should also add that Cher had to sing this song in the bootcamp, which came before the live show. They could have actually taken some pointers from her.

Cher proved herself a strong individual, so she made it on her own, and now she’s big.


PS: And yes, Justin Bieber is better than 1D, as much as it pains me to admit it. I never heard him „kill” the one song he had to sing, unlike them.


Me, za troll? (aka de ce mi-ai facut asta, WrockBOX?)

I haaaaaate youuuuuu wrockbox cu flobberworms si bubotuber puss!!! 😦

De ce mi-ai facut astaaaa?
Am vrut sa imi aud cantecul ala o data la radio, dar nu de 3 ori in 2 ore! Aia de acolo au inceput sa zica cum „sugar” e noul rick-roll si ca sunt troll si asa mai departe.
Si dup-aia…de ce a trebuit sa ma bagi intre formatii profi ca Ministry of Magic, Starkid si RiddleTM? Ca sa zica aia: aaa, uite acum muzica de calitate!

…asa m-am enervat ca mi-am sters melodia de pe wrockbox. Actually, ambele melodii.
Look, stiu ca nu sunt la fel de profi ca astia, care sunt!!!FORMATII!!! lansate in 2005-2009, nu solisti, si care canta la instrumente, nu la tastele calculatorului, si care sunt muzicieni, in puii mei, nu studenti la medicina, dar asta nu inseamna ca sunt bad, nu falsez – poate nu mixez bine, poate e melodia prea repetitiva dar versurile sunt bine gandite!

So anyway, le-am zis ca imi scot melodia, aia au dat-o pe: hai ca nu e asa de rea, doar ca a fost data prea des si asta enerveaza, hai ca nu ne asteptam sa fie toti la fel de buni ca MoM. Si una mi-a recomandat sa ascult melodia „Through the trapdoor” de la RiddleTM…dude, poate asta iti place tie, dar nu mi-ai recomandat ce trebuie – pentru ca eu cant pop, nu de dor si jale. Pentru ca eu sunt sugar high, uita-te la nume!

Trebuia sa imi recomanzi Butterbeer Experience. Whatever. Eu nu m-am „lansat” in Wrock ca sa le emulez pe gemenele de la RiddleTM. Si uite asa am ajuns sa urasc o formatie super ca RiddleTM.

Si sa iau o mare pauza de la chestia asta cu Wrock-ul.
Pana „invat” sa fac instrumentale. Si pana invat cand sa dau EQ si reverb. Si alte kkturi.
Respectiv, acum „studiez” aranjamentul la tango pe un site *sigh* mereu mi-am dorit sa scriu un cantec in stil tango. Sa vedem acum daca imi si iese ~
Ca deh, urechea muzicala nu te duce prea departe, mai ales daca te difuzeaza astia prea mult.

And this is how I feel:

[High on Sugar Quills] New song: I lost my Sugar Quill

Le scotpe banda, fara numar, fara cifra!:))
Chestia cu Mario Painter s-a cam dus, pentru ca aveam nevoie de enspe mii de chestii ca sa imi scot un amarat de instrumental. M-am intors la FL Studio, si am descoperit ca am inceput sa il manevrez cu mai multa usurinta. Sigur, tot mai fac crappy instrumentals, dar macar nu ma mai enervez atat.

Looking forward to the day cand o sa fac si eu armonii misto. Pana atunci, enjoy the new song!

I lost my Sugar Quill

Reteta succesului ramane aceeasi…e mai usor sa faci instrumental daca ai decis deja in capul tau melodia strofei si a refrenului:))


Where is my Sugar Quill?
Where is my Sugar Quill?
Have you seen my Sugar Quill?

I’m usually a pretty cheerful girl
Even for a Ravenclaw, they say I’m weird
And Luna’s my best friend in the whole world!
But people who see us, they laugh and they sneer
She gave me a Quill after my first failed test
We hadn’t even studied the Polyjuice Potion
How was I supposed to know Snape was on PMS
‘Cause Neville had once again exploded his cauldron?

One Sugar Quill a day
Keeps those nasty Wrackspurts away
Or so the Quibbler says.
I’ll admit it:
I’m addicted!
Beware of my hyper ways!

Where is my Sugar Quill?

My blue Sugar Quill is nowhere to be found
I looked through my bag, and in the dormitory
In the Potions classroom, and in Hagrid’s Hut
I even trespassed sacred Nargle territory!
I spied on the Slytherins, I asked the Hufflepuffs
Don’t think a Ravenclaw ever faced such danger
And just when I was ready to give up on my cause
I saw my Sugar Quill being chewed on by that Granger!

One Sugar Quill a day
Keeps those nasty Wrackspurts away
Or so the Quibbler says.
I’ll admit it:
I’m addicted!
Beware of my hyper ways!

Has anyone seen a blue Sugar Quill?
Come on guys, help a girl in need!

One Sugar Quill a day
Keeps those nasty Wrackspurts away
Or so the Quibbler says.
I’ll admit it:
I’m addicted!
Beware of my hyper ways!

Oh, no, Hermione, you DIDN’T!!!

Talking to Professor Snape…

Meh, o mica conversatie de pe chatul

2:06 PM SugarHighDD: professor, I have a problem with my essay on werewolves
2:07 PM Sherbet: yes, same here
2:07 PM severus snape: whats the matter?
2:07 PM severus snape: You know a wolf yourself
2:08 PM severus snape: that mutt lupin
2:08 PM SugarHighDD: um…professor Lupin’s not teaching at Hogwarts anymore. Where am I going to find a werewolf to interview?
2:08 PM severus snape: why dont you got to the forbidden forest and get yourself killed
2:08 PM Sherbet: LAWL
2:08 PM SugarHighDD: oh, that’s a good advice! Thanks, professor!
2:09 PM SugarHighDD: *is happy she got permission from a professor to enter the forbidden forest*
2:09 PM severus snape: Good …make sure you get ripped into pieces and you die a good death
2:09 PM severus snape: and don’t stay behind as a ghost just to bother me
2:10 PM severus snape: goodbye
2:10 PM severus snape: and sherbet ikr XD
2:11 PM SugarHighDD: I don’t intend to get killed, but if I do, don’t worry! I’ll just join Myrtle, since we’re both Ravenclaws, and maybe I’ll start a band and then we’ll spy the quiddich players in the shower XD ehe…
2:12 PM SugarHighDD: but anyway, I’m not going alone. The other Ravenclaws in my year agreed the only way to get accurate info is if we interview an actual werewolf, so we’re all going
2:12 PM Sherbet: well im off now byee
2:12 PM SugarHighDD: bye^_^
2:17 PM SugarHighDD: professor, since we’re going, are there any ingredients that you’re running out of and we can get you?
…oh, Professor Snape already left

LOL. Nu citisem faza cu „bye” si continuam sa scriu. Bine, si chatul are putin lag. But it was fun! Tipul nu era foarte „in character” pana nu am aparut eu cu problema mea cu eseulXD

Wrock: High on Sugar Quills

Am zis in postul trecut ca imi lansez un Wrock Band, nu?
Ei bine, am reusit in sfarsit sa trec peste problemele pe care le aveam cu FL Studio, si cu parintii plecati am reusit sa ma si inregistrez.
Sa scrii un cantec de la 0 fara cine stie ce cunostinte de teorie muzicala nu e usor. Am cautat „reteta” scrierii, si majoritatea sunt de acord ca trebuie sa urmezi 3-4 pasi majori:

– iti aleg tema
– scrii versurile; poti merge pe clasicul strofa1-refren-strofa2-refren-instrumental-refren pana iti dai drumul (culmea, partea asta mi s-a parut cea mai simpla)
– te joci la instrumentele pe care le ai pana „iti apare” melodia; (aka faci instrumentalul)
– decizi linia melodica pentru strofe si refren
– si bineinteles, te inregistrezi cat mai clean posibil

Cum am facut eu? Primii 2 pasi in ordine, 3 si 4 i-am inversat. De aici problema mea. Pentru ca nu am teorie muzicala in spate, si pentru ca sunt un ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in FL Studio, am facut si eu instrumentalul ala cum m-a taiat capul. Si m-am inregistrat.

Si iata ce a iesit!

Partea cea mai cool este ca m-am putut „imprieteni” pe myspace cu celelalte trupe de Wrock si poate va fi si melodia mea difuzata pe WrockBox!

PS(dupa 24h): OMG!!!! Melodia mea a fost la WrockBox la nici o zi dupa ce am lansat-o! Ma simt implinita!!!:D Lol. Si tocmai am mai scris un cantec:)) Am descoperit un programel numit Mario Paint Composer si voi incerca sa imi compun urmatorul cantec acolo. E mai accesibil pentru un n00b ca mine:))

Some HP-related epic stuff.

Epic Stuff.

1) Pai sa incepem cu cea mai epica chestie – un film facut de un tip, caruia i-a luat un an sa lucreze la aceasta chestie. Bugetul a fost 0 $, normal (daca nu pui la socoteala licenta de AE si camera lor care e cel putin semi-profi). But yeah, they were freaking amazing.

Si acum, behind the scenes:

Daca nu vreti sa ascultati mesajul editorului, dati cursorul direct la 1:42.

2) Inca un film epic, inspirat de HP, dar cu efecte mai diverse si oarecum…mai digitalizate, este acesta:

(the Auror is so absolutely delicious; I just wish her evil laugh sounded a bit more natural)

3) Sapphiamur – este o editoare epica. Dau un singur exemplu, care i-ar atrage si pe baieti – desi acesta nu este cel mai bun filmulet al ei. After Effects la geru, taica.

4) I’m starting a Wrock band! Adica, „ma lansez”. Numele meu de scena va fi „High on Sugar Quills”. Am scris un cantec, dar inca ma lupt cu FL Studio ca sa obtin un simplu instrumental. And FL is being a bitch. Deci o sa mai dureze cateva zile. Effing bitch.

Stilul meu va fi, cel mai probabil, pop-rock electronic (poate cu un ocazional cantec lent, de dor si doare), pentru ca nu cant la nici un instrument, so FL e singura mea sansa sa obtin un instrumental. Sau sa incerc Ocarina de pe ebay?:))


PS: Noh ca am ajuns la 70 de posturi. Yay me.

The „Could-Have-Been-So-Much-Worse” Dentist Experience (2012) – part 2&3

So, am asteptat acele zile si m-am prezentat din nou la dentist. Intre timp, tata vorbise cu el si i s-a spus, din nou, ca pierd dintele, ca ce pacat, si ca ajung ori la implant, ori la pivot. Asa ca m-am dus pe scumpul Google si am cautat ce inseamna fiecare. Nu sunt chiar pe dinafara cu asemenea lucruri, dar o idee documentata e mai buna decat o idee semi-vaga.

Si am decis ca, in cel mai rau caz, vreau pivot. E mai putin traumatizant pentru mine.:(

In ziua aceea m-am prezentat cu o usoara retinere data de faptul ca stiam ce ma asteapta dar nu stiam cum va fi, de fapt – curajul era dat de faptul ca „nu ma doare” si nu m-a durut, deci infectia nu e activa.

El s-a mirat ca infectia e veche (de ce, in pisicii mei? era preferabil sa ma doara?) si a purces la curatarea acelei pulpe. A gasit un canal obturat si l-a obturat si pe celalalt. Mi-a pus o plomba provizorie si m-a trimis la plimbare. Inca 7-10 zile. Ok, I can do this.

Numai ca a fost mai mult decat 7-10 zile pt mine pt ca am avut examen, pentru ca se faceau reparatii si se mutasera in alt cabinet, etc. You know how it is. Asa ca dentistul, pe care il stiam om ocupat, si-a facut timp sa il sune pe tata ca sa il intrebe ce fac. Iar mama si tata mi-au facut morala, ca de ce nu am grija de sanatatea mea, ca ce, vreau sa pierd dintele?


Am mers la dentist si i-am explicat frumos de ce am intarziat cu cateva zile. Actually, in ultima zi am mers si cu Raluca, care se plangea de sensibilitatea dintilor ei la…ciocolata. Turns out, are smaltul subtiat, but nothing bad. Cred ca asta e mostenita de la mama, pentru ca si ea are dintii sensibili si se spala cu Sensodine.

Iar pentru mine – plomba. Yeeeees!!!!
A incercat, dar salivam ca nebuna. Si jur ca nu eram speriata sau ceva!
Plomba a fost o cauza pierduta. Din fericire, de acum 13 ani si pana in prezent, s-a inventat un ciment cu intarire si pe „vreme umeda”, si l-au folosit la mine. Mi-a zis ca nu e definitiv „data viitoare cand cade, nu mai scapi”, dar dupa ce l-am intrebat daca tine mai mult de un an, mi-a zis ca tine.

Phew. Macar un an sa scap si eu.

Ma gandesc cam cu teama la momentul cand imi voi pune implant – daca salivez si plomba nu au reusit sa imi puna, e cam grav – dar acel moment este acolo unde it belongs, in viitorul nedefinit.

So, asta a fost. Cred ca am scapat usor de data asta.


Cat despre obsesiile mele la anumite stagii (nu vreau sa fac reclama, dar):

– in octombrie, la endocrin, a fost Kubeti – acele cubulete de paine prajita cu anumite arome (preferam pizza, pui, ketchup, usturoi)
– in aprilie, la reumatologie, a fost Krax cu bacon
– in iunie-iulie, la neurologie si nefrologie m-am indragostit de inghetata Nestea, cu peach si blueberries/raspberries