Talking to Professor Snape…

Meh, o mica conversatie de pe chatul

2:06 PM SugarHighDD: professor, I have a problem with my essay on werewolves
2:07 PM Sherbet: yes, same here
2:07 PM severus snape: whats the matter?
2:07 PM severus snape: You know a wolf yourself
2:08 PM severus snape: that mutt lupin
2:08 PM SugarHighDD: um…professor Lupin’s not teaching at Hogwarts anymore. Where am I going to find a werewolf to interview?
2:08 PM severus snape: why dont you got to the forbidden forest and get yourself killed
2:08 PM Sherbet: LAWL
2:08 PM SugarHighDD: oh, that’s a good advice! Thanks, professor!
2:09 PM SugarHighDD: *is happy she got permission from a professor to enter the forbidden forest*
2:09 PM severus snape: Good …make sure you get ripped into pieces and you die a good death
2:09 PM severus snape: and don’t stay behind as a ghost just to bother me
2:10 PM severus snape: goodbye
2:10 PM severus snape: and sherbet ikr XD
2:11 PM SugarHighDD: I don’t intend to get killed, but if I do, don’t worry! I’ll just join Myrtle, since we’re both Ravenclaws, and maybe I’ll start a band and then we’ll spy the quiddich players in the shower XD ehe…
2:12 PM SugarHighDD: but anyway, I’m not going alone. The other Ravenclaws in my year agreed the only way to get accurate info is if we interview an actual werewolf, so we’re all going
2:12 PM Sherbet: well im off now byee
2:12 PM SugarHighDD: bye^_^
2:17 PM SugarHighDD: professor, since we’re going, are there any ingredients that you’re running out of and we can get you?
…oh, Professor Snape already left

LOL. Nu citisem faza cu „bye” si continuam sa scriu. Bine, si chatul are putin lag. But it was fun! Tipul nu era foarte „in character” pana nu am aparut eu cu problema mea cu eseulXD


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