Viva la Vida – Cher Lloyd vs One Direction

Cher is a singer I’ve started to follow around youtube ever since I heard her X Factor audition. From two years ago.
So I came across this video that combined Cher’s and Once Direction’s renditions of „Viva la Vida”, and people got to choose „who did it better”. And I saw comments like „One direction” or „Cher, cause she was more original”…but no one bothered to actually comment on their performace.
Actually, most people just commented on Niall’s cuteness and the fact that he is the „secred weapon” ok 1D. For real?

Before we start, I’ll insert a picture to know which boy I’m talking about / because I had to google them to be able to comment.

Kay, let’s do this!

One Direction’s Viva la Vida:

Liam started okay-ish, but he chose not to follow the beat too much. That’s a risky thing – especially since he isn’t so sure on his vocals. As the opener, though, I imagined things will only get better. And the Zayn took from him, and the volume fell. Why did they give him a solo now when his voice isn’t even stable? They sound like they hadn’t eaten and hadn’t warmed up their voices! At X Factor! Un-freaking-believable.
While he sings, Harry and Niall thankfully entertain the audience with some moves. Harry looks aggressive. He’s probably pissed off about something. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Thank you Niall, finally someone who looks like he’s singing for the crowd. And the chorus starts.

BEEP. Who was the genius that made the strongest singers do the „aahs”? Okay, I get it, the others needed to sing too. But still!
And then Niall screws up by going ahead of the beat….at the „ooohs”, singing even louder, that selfish dude – and Liam desperately draws his attention, because he is destroying the harmony. And the chorus is their best part…
Finally, it’s over. Harry lookes bummed because he didn’t get a solo. 😦
For some strange reason, they don’t look too upset over how bad the song sounded. The fangirls scream and the judges shower them with praise. Are you DEAF?!

Cher Lloyd’s Viva la Vida

Cher’s version is better. Not just because she added her own touch, no. The vocals are steady, the pitch doesn’t slip, the rythm stays. And she performs, people. She’s there, she loves it, and she entertains.

She sings, she raps (even inserted her own lyrics), she swaggers, she’s got attitude, and you just can’t stop watching her, look at Nicole – the judge, she doesn’t want to miss a thing!

There’s no comparison, Cher is better.


But maybe One Direction had a bad day. So I went to check out another song. „Total Eclipse of the Heart”. It’s a disaster. Liam can’t hold on to the right pitch. Why do they keep giving him large solos? Moving on to „Torn”. Finally Harry gets a solo. And he didn’t screw up, how about that?
Louis has a warm voice, perfect for backing and harmonies, though I wish I had heard a solo of him too. He looks like he has a steady voice. This whole thing makes me think that the only reason they got so far was because they were Simon’s protegees. It’s just sad…and they have so many fangirls.
Of they perform like this now, standing and only walking around a bit, what’s going t happen when they’ll have to dance?

Oh well, I heard they are big now, so I wish them good luck. And share the solos.

The thing is, they were made a group because individually they were not good enough. They would have been eliminated. Actually, in X Factor, such a performance in the auditions will get you a reluctant pass…if the judges are in a good mood. Or desperate.

I should also add that Cher had to sing this song in the bootcamp, which came before the live show. They could have actually taken some pointers from her.

Cher proved herself a strong individual, so she made it on her own, and now she’s big.


PS: And yes, Justin Bieber is better than 1D, as much as it pains me to admit it. I never heard him „kill” the one song he had to sing, unlike them.


5 gânduri despre „Viva la Vida – Cher Lloyd vs One Direction

    • Iti dai seama ca asta in cativa ani va ajunge si el judge la X Factor ;)) si da, e mai bun. De curiozitate, m-am dus sa vad melodii cantate de 1D de pe albumul lor personal, si imi place asta In fine, canta pop-ul asta inocent si cute si cam pe urmele lui Justin Bieber merg – asa ca toata lumea ii face gay pt ca „their male bonding moments” sunt intre cute si gay, zice lumea:)) In fine, ascultand cantecul mi-am dat seama cat de bine e sa poti inregistra intr-un studio. Vei observa ca nimeni nu falseaza aici, si Zayn canta la acelasi nivel de volum cu Liam!. Si la fel, Louis si Niall canta backing, desi Niall is way better than this. Liam ala cu siguranta e un pilos.

      • mda, au si ei falitii lor. am auzit ca validarea referendumului a fost amanata pt sept.

    • Da, dupa doua zile de decis, curtea constitutionala a luat decizia de amanare a deciziei…si au pana pe 20 septembrie, daca nu ma insel, ca sa reactualizeze listele de votare – respectiv sa scoata mortii din liste. Cica erau pe liste tipi care se mutasera afara in ’85 si oameni care murisera de cativa ani. Anyway, Basescu apare cam zilnic sa faca declaratii, si da vina pe USL care destabilizeaza tara, vezi Doamne, si cum e necinstit ca „anuleaza voturile romanilor din afara tarii dupa ce ei insisi au organizat 300something sectii de votare in afara tarii pt ei” si ca au platit mai mult pentru organizarea referendumului decat ziceau.

      • Bravo… Imi place ca nu se grabesc si nu se streseaza. Sunt pe plaja, ma prajesc si citesc la spaniola.

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