Trifextra week 51

Look at me!

Look at the sky. Look at the ground. Small people, so unimportant.
This is my moment. I’m auditioning for “Home Alone 2”.
In two years time, you’ll all line up for my autograph.

Empire State Pigeon
ZeroOne/ BY-SA


So I didn’t get any votes last time. That sucks, but it just proves how much I have to catch up to the others. I didn’t get to vote either. Stupid time zones. Oh well. Another community-judged challenge this weekend!

This time we had to choose a picture out of three and I chose the only one that didn’t imply I had to write a heartbreaking story. I’m tired of heartbreaking. I want to write something simple and funny.


22 de gânduri despre „Trifextra week 51

  1. I’m not sure you can say you got NO votes . . . since the counts are not made public as far as I know. So, take heart – keep writing – we’re all striving (I think) for the same thing . . . bettering our craft.

    • Just before I wrote this post, I read an entry to the week’s challenge and it said „2 votes” in the beginning, otherwise I wouldn’t have known either.
      But you’re right, now after checking again, I didn’t see anything when I went to check the winners’ entries, so it was probably some mistake that allowed some votes to be visualized.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment!

    • I suppose we do! I just learned now that the votes were actually secrets, so that entry where I read „two votes” must have been desecreted due to a program mistake. And yeah, I had to write something different, there were already two entries with poo;))

  2. Ha!ha!An aspiring star!So,he landed the role in „Home alone 2”?He was good,wasn’t he?But I sure don’t want his autograph-no pooping on me;-)Very funny,loved this Dee Dee & re the votes,no worries,soon one day you will find yourself placed & then we will be lining up for your autograph:-)

  3. Definitely don’t be disheartened. Votes are not made public, as is our policy. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t receive any. Each person is allowed three votes. I don’t know what you saw when you saw the „two votes” next to someone’s story, but they shouldn’t be public.

    You have twelve hours to vote. I know the time zone situation makes it tricky, but we hope that none of our people regularly sleep for 12 straight hours. 🙂 Although that does sound lovely right now.

    Anyway, back to your piece. I loved it. I love the pieces that come from the bird’s POV. Nice job.

  4. Ha, first, awesome Home Alone 2 reference (loved that crazy pigeon lady, and never thought of her pigeons as ‘extras’). Second, good writing and nice job establishing such a cool voice in 33 words. Nice!

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