Bufnita a intarziat

A intarziat cam 14 ani cu scrisoarea mea de la Hogwarts, dar treaca-mearga, am iertat-o pentru ca era cute.


Glumesc, desigur.
De fapt, pisica mea Misha, spaima zburatoarelor, a prins-o cumva pe balcon (nu am vazut scena) si a adus-o in casa, tinandu-i in colti o aripa, dau mai degraba niste pene din aripa, pentru ca bufnita nu parea ranita si nu a avut nici o dificultate in a zbura cand am fortat-o pe Misha sa ii dea drumul si am scos-o din camera ca sa calmez bufnita.

Am deschis larg usa de la balcon, asteptand sa iasa, dar uitasem, na, ca animalul nocturn va fi dezorientat de lumina puternica din camera, si puiul de bufnita a zburat in linie dreapta si s-a izbit cand de geamul inchis de langa usa deschis, cand de perete, mereu in acelasi loc. Apoi a cazut in pat. In cele din urma a urcat si tata sa vada ce-i cu zgomotele (mai mult cele facute de mine, pentru ca bufnita cu a scos nici un zgomot) si a luat-o in mana, ocazie cu care eu am facut cateva poze pentru FaceBook si tumblr (si acum, si blog).

Apoi, amandoi am dus-o jos si tata vroia sa o hraneasca cu mancare de pisici din conserva, dar eu i-am zis ca ar avea mai mult succes daca ii vaneaza un soricel pe masura ei. Mama, superstitioasa, tipa sa luam bufnita de acolo ca aduce vesti rele si prostii de astea in timp ce tata si cu mine radeam (de mama).
Bufnita a refuzat mancarea de conserva (no surprises here, animalul stia ca mananca 3% carne, 97% scarbosenii si E-uri) asa ca am decis sa ii dam drumul si gata. Am dus-o inapoi pe balcon, de data asta am iesit pe balcon si tata i-a dat drumul. A zburat in linie dreapta, glont spre padure si nu cred ca o sa mai vine sa vaneze prin partile astea.

…apoi am hranit pisica.
Aceasta este „criminala”:

PS: Mama a primit un telefon in ziua urmatoare de la o prietena/ruda indepartata al carui tata are cancer. Si mama a zis: „si uite ca am primit si vestea proasta!” I rolled my eyes. Nu vad cum prezenta unei bufnite a determinat-o pe acea doamna sa o sune pe mama mai mult decat cunoasterea faptului ca mama e doctor si se poate folosi de relatiile ei. Like, for real?


Bratari noi!

(realizate in ultimile 4 zile una dupa alta, spre disperarea mamei mele)

Prima bratara inceputa a fost cea cu golden snitches; pentru ca vroiam sa nu lucrez ceva dificil, am ales modelul cu mai putine fire si l-am terminat in aceeasi zi, in aproximativ doua ore. De data asta mi-am luat lac de unghii transparent fara nici un fel de sclipici si am finisat-o frumos.

Bratara snitches

Inceputa in aceeasi zi, bratara cu paws pentru sora mea care m-am batut la cap ca „de ce le fac altora si ei nu”? Modelul si culorile sunt alese de ea. Eu personal as fi ales culori mai apropiate de animalul respectiv, care nu va fi niciodata albastru. Dar pentru ea, urmele albe sunt urme de faina, si albastrul e probabil…un covor?

Bratara paws

Dupa ce am terminat bratara ei, am inceput sa lucrez la my pride – bratara cu Ravenclaw, care insemna 3 culori. Pentru a sti cum sa introduc a treia culoare, am invatat din acest tutorial, pe care il pun aici pentru altii care au avut aceleasi dificultati ca si mine:

Si asa a iesit bratara:
Bratara Ravenclaw

Si asa arata mana mea astazi:
Bratara la mana

Si am asta in plan in weekend/saptamana viitoare:
53107 n

„The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling – review & spoiler


First of all, I’d like to let you all know that I didn’t read the original, English version of the book, but the Romanian translated version, “Moarte Subită”, roughly translated as “Sudden Death”. It was the best way to translate the title without involving too many words and at the same time, keep our interest alive.
I did this for economical reasons – in Romanian, the book costs about 20$, and the original is almost twice this sum. I promised myself I’d get the English version once I get more money, and set up to read this one, knowing that without any exotic terms like “Quiddich” and “Snape” – you don’t want to know how those terms and others sound in Romanian perspective – the translators couldn’t botch the meaning, expressions or anything else that JK wrote.


As a faithful and connected Potterhead, I’ve heard about this book ever since J.K. Rowling announced its publishing. I read almost all news and even watched some interviews to see what the hype is all about. The perspective to see J.K. write a novel aimed at adults was not something to miss for me, the one who grew up with Harry Potter, right?

Now that I’ve complained about the price, let’s move on to the cover. I don’t know if I shoul like or hate the simplistic concept. My first thought on the matter was: “She is J.K. Rowling, couldn’t she afford a better designer? I mean, a first grader could pull this off! Couldn’t we get a house, a landscape or a church or something?”. My second though was “aw…look at those Gryffindor colors”.
It’s simple and effective when it comes to grabbing the attention on the shelves, but I still think she could have done better. Harry Potter covers were always beautifully illustrated and they sold like warm bread, and her name is a brand now, so why this awful additional attention-seeking cover?

I put this question out of my mind for a while and opened it, starting to read. The first few pages describe Barry Fairbrother (take note of his name) and his relationship with his wife, but also with his work. He feels like he’s neglecting his wife in favor of a newspaper article, so he takes her out to dinner, despite a horrible headache he’s experiencing. Once they arrive at the restaurant, he suddenly dies. It’s a ruptured aneurism, and his brain is invaded by blood. Death occurs in minutes, and there is nothing more to do.

Barry’s sudden death leaves an empty room in the town’s Council, and as the news of his death spreads from neighbor to neighbor, each trying to be the first to announce everyone else, we also learn just why his death affects the entire town. JK generously offers a piece of local history.
This town, called Pagford, used to be a proud, clean little city, with nice landscape, views and perfectly civilized people (as they see themselves). However, a previously abandoned beautiful property with a lot of surrounding land suddenly gains an inheritor, and even though initially the townspeople rejoice thinking how well he’ll manage the property to make Pagford even better, their joy is cut short when he sells a part of that land and Yarvil, the neighbour town buys that land and starts building cheap and bad looking social houses for the “scum of the society”: unemployed, prostitutes, drug users, etc.
Yarvil and Fields (that neighborhood) are a blemish on the lives of Pagfordians, now irritated even more because somehow they got conned into paying a part of the bills for Fields, and because they nice, normal children have to mingle with those hooligans at school – and so the Council is split into two factions:
– one, led by Barry Fairbrother that tries to keep Fields and Bellchapel (the clinic for curing drug addiction), while promoting the good people coming from Fields in general, and especially one Krystal Weedon, a problem child with a good heart despite her violent attitude and language, with a bright future in rowing, should she manage to pursue this sport.
– the other, led by the Mollison family (if you think the Dursleys are bad, wait till you hear them talk). They want Bellchapel closed and Fields in Yarvil. They want their old town back.

Barry’s death leaves an opportunity, because whoever takes his place might just decide Fields’ and Bellchapel’s fate.
As such, soon after Barry’s funeral, elections are organized. However, before that can take place, we must go through about half a book in which we find out about every character, their background story, their problems and relationships.
I didn’t enjoy this first half of the book for many reasons.
First, there were so many characters coming in at once that I had problems remembering who was who. That was also because I didn’t have the occasion to read it very often.
The language and the families seem to come out of Fox News – we have drug addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, rape and neglected minors in Fields, but the situation in Yarvil isn’t that much better! Child abuse – fathers hitting their sons, loud sex happening a room away from a teen girl, drinking and drug use, violence and dirty language (I might actually begin to appreciate my sister and her cussing after reading this), made even more creative in Romanian – just because the translator could. *snickers*

All the time while reading this, I thought to myself “if JK Rowling hadn’t written this, I could drop it. But I want to finish it because despite all this, she is an amazing writer and the gross details just make this more…I don’t know, realistic. But not in my reality. It’s really scary, this thing. It’s sad to think it might be true, that a small town in England somewhere could hide such disgusting people”.

Thankfully, things started to pick up after page 200 or so, and I began to remember who each character was, and so I immersed myself into it.
We have three candidates; among them, one is Miles Mollinon, Howard’s son; one is Cubby Wall, Fats’s father who supports Barry’s ideas and the third, Simon Price (Andrew’s father), just feels the need to be a part of the Council. He doesn’t have any political agenda of his own.

As I read more, I realised the fact that Barry’s faction consists of people that would support Fields in Barry’s memory or to get one up on the Mollinsons, but they don’t actually care about the drama that’s going on there.
Barry was a much appreciated man: he was funny, he motivated people, and he cared – a quality that was very rare in Pagford, as we understand. He managed to get around him all the “outsiders” and the “underdogs” and give them something new, something beautiful, a hope and a dream.

I was attracted more to the teenager’s stories, personally; I liked Andrew, who unfortunately was beaten often by his father, for little to no reason, bullied and pushed around. I liked Sukhvinder, neglected by her ambitious mother Parminder Jawanda, a doctor, because of her bad grades and „inability” to be a smart kid, like her two elder brother and sister. I liked Stuart (Fats) in the beginning, for his intelligence and his “authentic” way of thinking and acting – meaning, he was very sincere and he couldn’t stand hypocrisy, so he didn’t have a very good relationship with his father the school vice-principal either. I liked Gaia before I heard her talk – Gaia is the prototype of beautiful lady, raised and educated in London, but outside of her acceptance of Indian girls and girls like Krystal, she looks down on people while mourning the life she left behind, and her language is not much more of an improvement from the one used by Pagfordian boys after a drink and some marijuana.

These teens start trouble, as the computer class at their school teaches them how to use a so-called SQL injection.
The site of the Council is managed by a Mollinson wife without a lot of computer knowledge, and Andrew, unable to withstand the shame to have his horrible father as part of the Council, for all the world to see what he really is like, manages to log into Barry’s account, changing the username to “The_Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother” and he posts a message about Simon Price not being a good candidate because he bought stolen computers and he uses the typography at his working place for personal gain.
Simon is fired eventually, and he is advised to drop out. Andrew is relieved, even if Simon beats up his entire family in frustration. He keeps quiet, but his idea is about to be copied by Sukhvinder, who is constantly harassed at school and at home on Facebook by Fats. Fats constantly insults the girl because she has hirsutism and she’s not very good-looking. At some point he even calls her a lesbian because she hangs out with Gaia a lot. She had taken to cutting herself in secret, every time this happens. And her mother complaining about Sukhvinder’s grades is just the final straw. The girl is not stupid: she knows how to copy/paste a code and she had a spelling/grammar autocorrect software, so she writes about how her mother isn’t doing these things because she loves Fields, but because she was in love with Barry.
Fed up with his father, Fats writes the next message, talking about his father’s OCD – that he obsesses about many things, the last one being his young students at school.
The last message is a revenge from Andrew to the Mollinsons, in a moment of affection to Simon – he writes about Howard Mollinson cheating on his wife with his business partner.

All these messages are deleted shortly after being written, but the world talks and Barry’s faction is deeply affected by it. Parminder has a nervous breakdown during one of the Council’s meeting – that she learns to regret as she is suspended from her work and loses her place in the Council.

Very quickly, the cards begin to fall and pretty much everyone gets it. Karma hits them all with a vengeance as the truth begins to come out everywhere.

As J.K. said, this book raises one important question: “what do we do about Krystal?”
Krystal falls into a spiral of depression after Barry’s death, losing pretty much the only man that ever believed in her. She must take care of her drug addict mother and her little brother Robbie. She must do her best to keep her mother off drugs so that Bellchapel doesn’t kick her out of their rehabilitation program again, while going to school and taking care of Robbie. At the same time, she lives her teenage life – discovering her sexuality with Fats and hanging around with her friends. She keeps away from heavy drugs, but she won’t say no to alcohol and cigars. She even smokes marijuana with Fats before “doing it”.

This book ends with a death, or rather two deaths that become a serious wake-up call for Pagford. Some women begin to regret their lack of care; Fats confesses to being the hacker, taking responsibility for all messages, even though he knows Andrew was the first to write; and two more places in the Council are about to be occupied quietly, without any more elections, by Mollison’s adversary Cubby Wall and Miles Mollison’s wife Samantha that discovered suddenly that she does care about Fields and Bellchapel and Pagford’s fate in general.

The last funeral is beautiful and heartbreaking; it has something in common with Barry’s funeral: Rihanna and Jay-Z’s hit “Umbrella”, the special song of Barry’s precious champion rowing team sounds loud in the church. I think the number of hits on youtube will increase once more fans finish the book!

I heard that BBC will make a series after this book. I hope they know what they’re doing and I hope it will happen! I will watch it!

So, for the second half of the book, as I couldn’t put it down, I recommend all of you to read it and do your best to not cringe at our characters’ language.

FrostiWon si alte perechi traumatizante

O tipa de pe grupul FB HarryMort a mai facut un grup, numit Traumatizing Pairings, pentru ca dorea sa promoveze FrostiWon…adica LokixRonald Weasley. Can you actually see this happen?

In fine, in schimbul unei luni intregi de amuzament, am decis sa contribui si eu cu ceva la marea nebunie. Behold da Photoshop (lack of) Skillz!


Si mai promoveaza si alte chestii, dar eu in afara de Drapple nu mai gust nimic. Ce pisicii mei, am si eu demnitatea mea!

Mi-am facut si eu un breloc!

Pozele sunt horrible pentru ca nu sunt un fotograf bun de obiecte mici si foarte mici, so…asta e. Le-am selectat si eu pe cele mai bune.
Tutorial nu am facut, dar o sa spun cate ceva despre „procesul creativ”, pentru ca – observati – de obicei sunt multe tutoriale cu lucruri dragalase gen ciocolata, dulciuri, mancare japoneza (onigiri), dar foarte putini iti explica cum sa creezi personaje din lut polimerizat Fimo cu intarire la cuptor.


Mai intai i-am facut capul, dintr-o bucata de lut crem, modelat ca o sfera. L-am aplatizat putin. in locul unde venea gatul am facuut o mica gaura cu o scobitoare. Am rupt capetele unei alte scobitori si am pus-o deoparte.
Apoi am facut trunchiul/toracele, de culoare alb – camasa. Am infipt-o in scobitoare dupa ce am dat cu putin aracet pe scobitoare (eh, va trezeste amintiri, nu? yup, inca se mai gaseste prin librarii). Apoi am facut picioarele-pantaloni, din nefericire din singurul gri pe care il am: griul cu sclipici si le-am alipit la scobitoare. Scobitoarea a fost acum complet acoperita.


La picioare i-am atasat niste gogoloaie negre-pantofii.
Apoi i-am lipit doua triunghiuri albe lunguiete la camasa – guler si i-am facut si cravata – gri, pe care am pictat-o dup-aia.
apoi i-am facut „za cloak”, pe care numai Dumnezeu stie cum am reusit sa o fac asa de subtire fara sa se rupa lutul:P Si apoi i-am atasat bratele cu lut negru si gogoloaiele de lut crem.
La sfarsit i-am facut parul maro inchis, pentru ca in cannon se foloseste „sable hair”.


(Singura poza care iese bine e fix aia in care sta cu spatele. Mersi, Murphy!)

Apoi am mai facut acolo Jurnalul, on a whim, desi nu era programat – si nici nu m-am gandit sa ii fac bagheta, s-ar fi rupt imediat:P I-am trecut o sarma cu ochi la capat prin cap, dupa ce am dat-o in prealabil cu aracet. Sa nu cada, totusi, pentru ca acea sarma avea sa sustina intreaga greutate a lui Tom cel de lut.

L-am pus la cuptor 30 minute si l-am scos. I-am pictat fata, cravata (dungile verzi) si i-am scris TMR pe Jurnal cu vopsea acrilica. Dupa ce s-a uscat, l-am dat cu glazura si l-am atarnat cateva ore. Apoi am atasat lantul de la un breloc mai vechi si voila! Coolest thing ever. Il port la chei de o luna si nu a patit nimic. ^_^

In incheiere, va las cu un tutorial ca lumea care o sa va ofere o idee mai amanuntita asupra ce se poate face cu lut polimerizat, niste unelte si multa imaginatie!

JK Rowling planning sheet

Mwahaha! Am pus mana pe scanarea unei foi care arata timeline-ul creat de JK Rowling pentru cartea Order of the Phoenix!


I will learn from our Queen! Si poate o sa incep si eu sa imi planuiesc actiunile cum trebuie:))

Mai aveam una, cu numele lor, dar nu mai stiu unde este.

Sper sa primesc de ziua mea cartea „The Casual Vacancy”, pe care o sa o citesc repejor si ii fac si recenzie aici! ^_^
Speaking of which, am auzit numai lucruri bune despre „The Host” a lui Stephanie Meyer, si nu pot decat sa ma bucur pentru ea, mai ales dupa ce am vazut ce tipa ok este in interviurile cu Kaleb Nation.

NijiKon 2012 (re-editat)

Am fost acolo numai duminica, pentru ca in wekendul asta chiar am avut treaba, si oricum za big attraction happens duminica.

Consultand programul concursului, am decis sa ma duc direct la cosplay. Am plecat de acasa la 1 (pai drumul o sa dureze juma de ora, raison-ez eu, ca doar e duminica, si si masina, si metroul o sa ajunga la intervale maxime). No such luck. Masina a venit la 5 minute si a mers ca vantul si ca gandul, iar metroul – a venit la 8 minute, ceea ce e absolut ok pentru linia de Preciziei.

So anyway, am ajuns acolo, am platit intrarea 15 RON si am inceput sa ma plimb. Am dat o raita pe la cele doua etaje si in final am decis sa imi ocup un loc in sala, pentru ca stiam ca atractia principala este concursul de cosplay si acolo sala e plina varf, se sta pe scari si in picioare la intrari intotdeauna. Am urmarit panelul cosplayerilor care aveau sa faca parte din juriu si a fost chiar interesant, desi eu nu mai am acest hobby. Unii cosplayeri nu mai merg la concursuri, ci au activitate fotografica, si penturu a obtine poza perfecta sunt in stare sa indure temperaturi si umiditate nefavorabile, ca modelele profesioniste! Dupa ce s-a terminat, unii oameni au parasit sala iar eu am reusit sa ajung pe un scaun mai in fata.

Am ajuns intr-o pozitie buna de urmarit scenete (in prima jumatate de jos a randurilor, catre mijlocul salii) si am urmarit AMV-urile si gag-mini-anime-urile proiectate pana la cosplay.
Scenetele cosplay anul asta au fost mai putine (ce faceti, oameni buni?) dar si mai diferite. Desi in alti ani erau omogene ca si calitate, anul asta castigatorii s-au distantat by far, si cu juriul alcatuit din cosplayeri straini, nu a fost nici macar o discutie de favorizare sau ceva de genul.
Doriana a ajuns pe la mijlocul concursului si i-am tinut loc in fata mea. A venit la timp ca sa o vada si sa o filmeze pe Mara, anyway XD

Mai intai, intro-ul si un moment de respiro.
Intro din Assasin’s Creed, superbii de la Visual Madness care probabil au avut ghinionul sa nu se inscrie la timp:

Intermission – dansul unui soldat imperial, privit de un asasin (Boba Fett, probabil?):

Iar acum scenetele!

Locul 1 – Zettai Asayra, care au facut o sceneta demna de teatru – mai precis, cum spune cel care a filmat „au facut sa merite pretul biletului de intrare”:

Mara Jade, colega mea de facultate, locul 2 si ultima intrata in scena (they saved the best for last)

Locul 3, Boom Service, Happy Tree friends:

(multe scenete au avut action scenes anul astaXD)

Restul, nu in ordine:

Nana skit (facuta doar ca sa puna in valoare vocea tipei si un pic de yuri fan service):

New World Maniacs: Death Note x Naruto Shippuuden (very OOC)

Anime Addicts: Vampire Knight x Fairytail (cam haotic, dar hei, macar in viata asta Zero e smecher, danseaza cu toate gagicile si ii da una si lui Kaname)

La sfarsit i-am soptit conspirativ Dorianei: „iti vine sa crezi ca astia toti sunt vampiri?”


Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (reprezentatie):

Shakigan no Shana (reprezentatie):

Bleach x D Gray Man skit

Chatterbox – Fairytale (aceasta sceneta chiar mi-a placut, au avut o idee bine inchegata)

White Snow Black Silver (FF7xLegend of Zelda)

S-a luat o pauza pana la decernarea premiilor. Eu am profitat de ocazie ca sa ma pozez cu Darth Vader si cu Mara jade za dementor.


Ne-am intors in sala, a avut loc premierea si apoi au inceput sa difuzeze AMV-urile. Eu m-am prins ca dau direct finalistele si a inceput sa imi fie frica, pentru ca AMV-urile de pe locurile finale sunt difuzate mai intai, mereu. Dupa 3 AMV-uri care il depaseau din punct de vedere tehnic pe al meu, organizatorul a luat in sfarsit un microfon si a zis ca anul asta o sa le difuzeze intr-o ordine aleatorie si la sfarsit are un montaj cu clasamentul. Am rasuflat usurata.
In sfarsit, dupa 15 AMV-uri (si al meu a fost aplaudat pe ritmul melodiei, God, you guys made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside), a venit za big finish.

…AMV-uri bune pe locul 13, 12, 11…incep sa tremur. Daca nu am intrat la finalisti pana la urma?
AMV-uri geniale pe locurile 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.
Bai, cred ca s-a facut o greseala.
Locul 4 e anuntat, nu e AMV-ul meu. Incep sa realizez ca anul asta o sa iau premiu.
Locul 3 EEEEUUU!!!!

Si am tipat ca o bestie, pentru ca nu am mai luat un premiu din 2008! And ZOMG…lumea ma felicita in jur, si am descarcat adrenalina si…alte chestii, so locul 2 era Pau cu „Suicidal Act”, iar locul 1 – Hanwell Insane Asylum, cu „Negru”. Pentru Pau, editatul action a fost o experienta noua, iar pentru Hanwell, stilul lui caracteristic a dat lovitura.

Cine vrea lista completa a finalistilor, cu punctajele si cu link de download, luati de AICI:

Ni s-a spus sa mergem in fata la info point, ca acolo cica ni se dadeau premiile, si am asteptat cam 20 de minute. Anul asta au fost practici oamenii – sau au avut ei un altfel de sponsor XD
Chestia e ca eu am primit o tastatura Logitech wireless, Pau niste casti mari si sper profi si lui Hanwell i se vor expedia boxele prin posta, probabil.

Se intunecase si aveam de invatat la legala, asa ca Doriana m-a condus cu masina pana la Lujerului, si de acolo, masina a venit in 10 min si s-a miscat extrem de repede.


Acasa, desi ma asteptam ca parintii sa ma mustruluiasca putin pentru ca inca mai fac AMV-uri desi ar trebui sa ma gandesc la licenta si rezidentiat, mama m-a felicitat, tata la fel si m-au pus sa le arat AMV-ul. Mama a comentat „Daca foloseai Non-stop in loc de Esti Iubibila, luai premiu 1”.