Creative Writing session

O tipa de pe FB, membra a comunitatii de HP fan fiction writers a organizat un prim „curs”, la care online am participat doar eu, si ne-a dat si tema pentru acasa (lol, de cand n-am mai avut asa ceva XD)
Tipa uraste songficurile, asa ca ne-a avertizat de la inceput sa luam cateva cuvinte sau maxim un vers intreg dintr-un cantec pe care ni l-a dat ea, si pornind de la ele sa facem mici drabbles. Eu cred ca e un exercitiu bun pentru NaNo si au iesit idei de aici ;))

Nu am sa spun ce cantec era. E posibil sa va prindeti imediat, pentru ca am ales 5 versuri din el – cele mai interesante, and it might sound familiar ;))
Dupa Trifecta, chestia asta a picat la fix. Si las si comentariul cu care am trimis tema, pentru ca in prima noastra convorbire, Ivana a accentuat rolul culorilor si temelor in scris – asa ca m-am bagat si eu un pic pe felie, sa ii arat ca am invatat ceva de la ea.

„It was a very interesting assignment. I’ve participated in the Trifecta Challenge a few times, but I like what I came out with here more. I have marked the drabbles that are original and the ones that are fan fiction works. I tried to use colors in the last one as an extra motif, and I tried for dark themes, because somehow the lyrics, taken separately, have managed to point me to „that way”. My characters just took the story out of my hands and I can’t be more grateful for it XD”


1. I’m limited (original)

I am afraid to look inside my self, because I know I am limited. And that is ugly, and by Gods, I wish you will never see it. I never knew it, not until I began to long for your eyes, and for your soft locks of hair burning in the weak September sun. And now I am doing my best to run away from myself, run to you, because I believe you have what it takes to make me cross that limit. But will you still look at me when you see the ugly truth? Will you accept to give more, and lose more of yourself, for this damned soul prostating itself before you?

2. (Like) a stream that meets a boulder (fan fiction)

Potter is at it again, Draco observes with a wistful expression. Day by day and even far into the night, Harry Potter trains for the final task of the Triwizard Tournament. Granger and the Weasel follow him everywhere, of course, and while Granger is somewhat useful, looking for all the right books, the Weasel is not even a decent sparring partner. Draco is everything Potter ever needed, but Potter will never see it. Potter wrote Draco off a long time ago.
Draco might be a stream that meets a boulder and looks for escape routes around it, but Potter is a stream that breaks down all boulders in its path, be it Voldemort, a Potions test, or…Draco’s only heart.

3. Halfway through the wood (fan fiction)

It starts with a tiny, little crack. He doesn’t even notice it. Why doesn’t he notice? it wonders, as more and more magic in forced through it and through her. The tiny crack wails and the wails crack more. The magic is strong, but the mind is not. Surely, he should know what he is doing, he, the unworthy one! But he does not; he keeps slashing, and tearing, and blasting the shields of the old fortress. And the knight in Golden armor is waiting for him, leading the army of children who fight for the bright future the adults have already given up on.
The tiny crack is walfway through the wood when the wizard realizes he has lost.
It is the wizard’s time to wail. His green light will wait no more.

4. (Like a) handprint on my heart (original)

How dare you? he asks the woman sitting with her back strainght in a chair, in front of him, arms folded gracefully in her lap, a cup of chamomille tea on a small table in front of her. How can you still stare at me like that, after everything you have done to me? You smile like you don’t know the torment you put me through, the nights I have stayed awake, clinging to a caress, a whisper, a whisp of your perfume. You smile like you don’t know that your long, red nails have reached so deep that I can literally see your handprint on my heart!
And yet you stand there and tell me, with a secretive smile on your face, that our little love story is done. That I shall see you no more. That I have lost you to a rival I can never compete with.
…that you have less than one month left to live.
You are evil, woman. You are heartless.

5. I have been changed for good (fan fiction, M/M slash)

Hello, Harry. Do you remember me? It must be awful, staying in that sickly white bed all day long, waiting for some nurse to come administer your medication and bestow colorful words of kindness upon that white canvass that makes your world now. It should be awful for me to stay here, by your side, and watch you frown in confusion every time you see me.
It is, and at the same time, it is not.

It is, because I love you. I should have told you this before you admitted your feelings, and before that despicable curse hit you. That girl with fiery hair that reminds you so much of your deceased mother, was she really your friend? Would a friend curse you with forgetfulness, with the inability to remember me and our love? No matter, her equally fiery blood has been spilt on your white walls a long time ago.

It is not, because I still see you. You still smile at this ugly, snakelike face, like you’ve seen an old friend. And your hand is as warm now as it was the first time I managed to steal a kiss. And I still can steal a kiss, every day. Even falling asleep next to your love and waking up next to a stranger is something that you will never deny me.

Look at the great Lord Voldemort, leaving the Ministry and the World behind, succumbing to curious green eyes and goofy, gryffindorish grins! Look at Lord Voldemort, leaving behind his crowns, his lockets and his diaries! Look at all his rewritten future and say that I haven’t been changed! I have been changed for good, haven’t I? Shouldn’t this scare me more? What an odd concept: Lord Voldemort, scared of himself. If only you could hear me now, my sleeping Harry.

Cum e?
Good? Bad? Ugly?


After Ever After by Paint

Va mai aduceti aminte de Paint? Tipul ala care a creat Harry Potter in 99 seconds si Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds? Si Movie Villain Medley? Si care a facut cantece despre directorul lui de liceu?
Ei bine, Paint a mai scos o parodie! De data asta ne vorbeste despre printesele filmelor Disney si ce s-a intamplat cu ele cu „au trait fericiti pana la adanci batraneti”.

With no further ado, behold za work of art!


Ascultati pe riscul vostru.

La inceput, am vrut sa fac un cover dupa Gangnam Style, dar m-am gandit ca poate nu o sa imi iasa (eu nu am mai incercat rap si in limba coreeana?… care e atat de diferita de japoneza), asa ca mi-am zis sa o mai conbin cu un cantec si sa fac un mashup. Dar ce cantec ar fi putut sa mearga cu Gangnam Style?
Apoi mi-a picat fisa.
Exista un cantec la fel de faimos international, numit Dragostea din Tei sau Numa Numa; desi nu e la fel de viral, poate sa stea mandru alaturi de Gangnam Style, pentru ca si el a daramat cu succes bariera de limba si a fost placut de oameni de pe tot globul.

Dar parca si combinatia asta era prea „goala”. Asa ca am decis sa adaug si alte cantece, overexposed si sau enervante si sa creez cel mai enervant mashup ever.

Deci e trolling la greu. Ca sa va convingeti, va dau de la inceput lista de cantece:
PSY – Gangnam Style
Cheeky girls – The cheeky song
O-Zone – Dragostea din Tei
Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up
Rebecca Black – Friday
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe
Lady Gaga – Poker face
One Direction – What makes you beautiful
Adele – Set fire to the rain
Kesha – Tik Tok
Justin Bieber – Baby
Nicki Minaj – Starships

Si aici este numai scheletul Dragostea din Tei / Gangnam Style:

Te cunosc de undeva, Pepe!

Pe Pepe l-am cunoscut pana acum in postura de latin lover, cantaret exotic, cu melodii de la „Cine, cine” la „O femeie cat o suta”…am mai citit prin presa si de presupuse chestii, scandaluri si altele cu Oana si familia ei…si ultima casatorie, dar nah, nu poti crede chiar tot ce auzi. Daca oamenii astia ar fi obligati sa scrie adevarul si numai adevarul, nu ar avea cu ce sa umple un ziar.

Si cam atat!

Asa ca, in ziua in care am auzit ca Pepe va intra in emisiunea-concurs „Te cunosc de undeva”, am ramas mirata si putin iritata. Adica, o sa poata el sa se adapteze, sa devina fiecare personaj in parte?
Iar cand am vazut in prima emisiune ca a extras-o pe Shakira am zis, gata, omul de impusca. Shakira e grea si pentru o femeie, dar el sa faca unduirile acelea senzuale din solduri si sa mai si cante in acelasi timp?

Apoi am ramas socata. Pepe este, cu siguranta, noul Jorje, desi sunt sigura ca Jorje nu a fost asa de genial chiar de la inceput. Asa ca lumea nu mai plange dupa Jorje. Priviti aici, ce talent!

Pepe este Shakira:

Acum, nu numai dansul l-a nimerit complet, dar si partea de actorie e buna! Si mi-am dat seama cat de bun este omul asta abia in urmatoarea emisiune, cand l-am vazut pe Dan Teodorescu. (ai grija, Dan, Pepe o sa iti fure painea de la gura)

Pepe este Dan Teodorescu:

Aceasta editie a castigat-o pe drept! Iar apoi a venit socul! La ruleta i-a picat Psy. Iar reactia mea a fost „e mort!” dupa care am inceput sa rad in hohote.
5 zile ca sa invete sa cante in coreeana, sa invete dansul si atitudinea si sa pregateasca si un duet cu Simona Nae? Noooo, impossible!

Iar Pepe a facut imposibilul, sacrificand pronuntia, dar asta e, nu?


Dupa care la ruleta i-a picat Adele, si e prima data cand arata batut de soarta. Sa vedem sambata ce face, nu?

Dar va mai las cu o alta interpretare geniala si care cred eu ca merita sa castige (dar nah, trebuie si Anda Adam sa castige o editie si nu a fost prea stralucita pana acum) – este Kalashnikov, cantata de Simona Nae in aceeasi editie in care a avut duetul cu Pepe:

Parca sarba e un pic mai accesibila, nu? Eu zic ca Simona e noua Lora.
Lora- Adele

Lora- Lady Gaga

Iar revelatia sezonului, zic eu, este Sonny Flame. S-a „pliat” foarte bine pe doua melodii atat de diferite de stilul lui si devine din ce in ce mai bun de la editie la editie.

Imi mai place si Rona Hartner, si cu asta am cam terminat. Restul concurentilor sunt slabuti spre slabi iar Ioana Anuta saraca e o dezamagire. Trebuie sa mai lucreze la partea cu actoria. 😦

Rona – Zdob si Zdub:

Rona – Luigi Ionescu

Electric Fence pentru Malmo!

Electric Fence sunt preferatii mei de la Eurovision; chiar sper sa mearga acolo pentru ca avem nevoie si de ceva mai ritmat, si de ceva mai balcanic. Remember „Wild Dances”? „My number 1” si „Every way that I can?”
Sunt piese mult mai memorabile decat extrema 1 – Fairytale si extrema 2 – Lordi cu heavy metalul lor.

Sper totusi ca Elena sa renunte la coama din semifinala pentru a se putea misca mai bine. Asta e o piesa pe care sa sari! In rest, sa isi faca ce cozi si ce spikes vrea in cap, I don’t care:D

Iata ce spun Electric Fence despre piesa lor: „Emilia” este regina Balcanilor, este o domnita care-ti ia mintile, iti goleste portofelul si-ti distruge viata. Daca o privesti dansand, esti vrajit, daca o primesti in sufletul tau esti pierdut. „Emilia” are o noblete ciudata amestecata cu o doza considerabila de grobian balcanic. „Emilia” iti patrunde in minte si refuza sa iasa. „Emilia” nu are silicoane.

Eu o sustin si o vreau pe Emilia, dar e posibil sa nu ajunga si in cazul asta, mai am doar doi preferati: Luminita Anghel si Ovidiu Anton. Luminita e o doamna cu o cariera frumoasa in spate si cu piesa Unique se pot face multe, iar Ovidiu a facut singur totul de la 0, fiind singurul concurent care a facut asta. Parca se simte cand compozitorul isi canta propria piesa, nu?

De primavara

Just sayin. E atat de superba melodia asta incat am fost in stare sa o caut pe youtube o zi intreaga pentru ca acele 2 versuri pe care mi le aminteam „de pe vremuri” nu dadeau nimic la google search.

Omul asta a avut inspiratia sa adune cele mai bune voci feminine ale anului si a creat un cantec superb in limba romana cu care te poti mandri. Ce voci, ce versuri, ce cadente, ce floricele!

Enjoy…si ma rog, la multi ani de Ziua Femeii, cu intarziere!