The Future of Storytelling // Assignment week 1

The first week of course for The Future of Storytelling – MOOC was very interesting! I recommend it to anyone who’s into storytelling – be it by graphics, writing novel or film making. We got to learn a bit about basics, not going too in depth but just enough to understand a bit about what makes a protagonist capture and retain our attention, what is the simplest way to structure a story, story vs. plot and we got to hear how a famous author writes her stories, develops her characters and finds inspiration, also how she documents herself. The assignment was fun to work on. Overall, I am very happy to have joined it and I’m looking forward to next Friday!

For anyone else that wants to join, here’s the link:

As you, our students, come from many different countries and cultures, but are still united in your passion for storytelling, your Creative Task for week 1 is:

Please think about which story you have read, seen, listened to, played or experienced has impressed you most in your life. … Which story can you still very well remember? Write down both, the summary of this story (what you remember of the story, not what Wikipedia says.. 🙂 and – on the other hand: – what made it so special to you that you can still remember it.

Retell this story by giving a short summary of what you can remember of it. (in less than 400 words)
Think about (try to remember) and write down what fascinated you most about this story. What can you remember best? What impressed you most? … Its characters? The locations? The plot? The style and voice of the story? Or maybe even the surroundings of how this story was told, maybe by your parents, grandparents, or maybe in your first self-read book? Tell us the story OF the story so-to-speak. (less than 500 words)
Your answer could be a simple text/essay … or maybe you prefer creating a story in itself, a poem, an info graphic,… about it. – Whatever suits you best!

And here is my answer.

I will not look very much behind me, because there are too many impressive stories I partook in. It is too hard to choose just one, so I will think of something more recent, as these past few year I haven’t had much time for stories.

One of the stories that impressed me in this past year is the Great Gatsby, the latest movie adaptation with Leonardo di Caprio as the lead. It may have come out a long time ago, I haven’t checked and I haven’t read the book. I saw this movie on a laptop, at my best friend’s house – the same best friend that made me watch the Notebook. But I diverge.
From what I remember of the movie, the story is told from the point of view of a young man called Nick Carraway who is suddenly thrown into a world of luxury and debauchery and partying that he doesn’t make any sense of. And then he meets the mastermind behind this all, his neighbour Jay Gatsby. Throughout the film, we learn that Gatsby did all in his power to attract the woman he loves to his side, the beautiful cousin of Nick, Daisy. Daisy is married, but that doesn’t stop her from returining to her old flame. However, Daisy is then forced to choose by Jay, and all goes downhill. Her husband’s mistress dies, and the husband of that woman is manipulated into killing Gatsby. Daisy and her family move without looking back or even visiting his open casket. The movie ends with Nick’s painful realisation that it was all for nothing, that no one trully mourns for Jay Gatsby in his death, and he is disgusted.

When she clicked the play button, I saw the exposition and the premise and I was prepared to not care about it or even hate it. I knew the name of the novel and that it is considered a classic, but really? All this partying and the sex and everything made me it look so cheap. I get superficial pleasure, some character depth but not enough, and that’s it?
And then, unexpectedly and against my will, I was hooked by all the tragedy around this man. Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) showed excellent acting skills, Leonardo di Caprio was brilliant as always, and the atmosphere just grew on me! From the moment Daisy was forced to make a choice, the movie became important to me.
And I’m not ashamed to say that I cried so much in the end, for the same reasons as Nick Carraway, and for the injustice of it all.
There is one thing that always irked me – how no one around you actually cares when you’re the one in need, or indeed, the one who died. They had all the fun at his house, but in the end not one of these strangers came to say goodbye, instead searching for the next meaningless way to spend the time, the next glittery party and the next rich guy they can leech off.
I can’t believe how much I have come to care about Jay Gatsby and the poor Nick Carraway – see, it’s even worse for the people that are left behind. Funerals are made for us, not for the departed. They are made so we can come to terms with their departure, to find closure, and for Nick this „solo” funeral will always be an open wound.
And, while I wouldn’t call Gatsby a great man, like Nick did, I will call him someone who has a lot to offer, because he managed to bore me, annoy me, make me pity him, make me root for him, made me hope…and thus grew on me in only 2 hours of film.


Bratari noi!

(realizate in ultimile 4 zile una dupa alta, spre disperarea mamei mele)

Prima bratara inceputa a fost cea cu golden snitches; pentru ca vroiam sa nu lucrez ceva dificil, am ales modelul cu mai putine fire si l-am terminat in aceeasi zi, in aproximativ doua ore. De data asta mi-am luat lac de unghii transparent fara nici un fel de sclipici si am finisat-o frumos.

Bratara snitches

Inceputa in aceeasi zi, bratara cu paws pentru sora mea care m-am batut la cap ca „de ce le fac altora si ei nu”? Modelul si culorile sunt alese de ea. Eu personal as fi ales culori mai apropiate de animalul respectiv, care nu va fi niciodata albastru. Dar pentru ea, urmele albe sunt urme de faina, si albastrul e probabil…un covor?

Bratara paws

Dupa ce am terminat bratara ei, am inceput sa lucrez la my pride – bratara cu Ravenclaw, care insemna 3 culori. Pentru a sti cum sa introduc a treia culoare, am invatat din acest tutorial, pe care il pun aici pentru altii care au avut aceleasi dificultati ca si mine:

Si asa a iesit bratara:
Bratara Ravenclaw

Si asa arata mana mea astazi:
Bratara la mana

Si am asta in plan in weekend/saptamana viitoare:
53107 n

Bratari de ziua copilului!

Acum patru zile am gasit pe friendship-bracelets un pattern roz cu mov cu iepurasi albi. Am stiut ca era prea frumos si vroiam neaparat sa il fac, dar roz…
Apoi mi-am amintit ca fetita vecinului este mereu in roz, asa ca am decis sa i-o fac ei. Zis si facut, si dupa 4 zile si 18 fire, a rezultat chestia asta:
Bratara iepurasi

Si ca sa nu se supere Gabi, vecinuta un pic mai mare (but still, gradi level) din partea cealalta, i-am facut si ei o bratara cu buburuze, toata realizata astazi.
Bratara buburuze

Am finisat cu lac pentru a nu se distruge firele, dar pentru ca am avut doar lacul cu sclipici al surorii mele, pe ala l-am folosit. Rezultatul a fost interesant 😉 I liked it. Si, bineinteles, si ele!

Am noroc la castigat carti!

Am participat la tot felul de concursuri la viata mea, de la loz in plic pana la concursurile Pepsi (si acum am mormanul de capace intr-o punga in biblioteca), dar parca nu am noroc decat la carti!

Imediat ce am participat pe FB la concursul care oferea ca premiu cartea „1000 de intrebari si raspunsuri pentru rezidentiat” am castigat-o! Si acum, la 3 zile dupa ce am inceput sa particip la concursul din Ring ce ofera ca premiu carti, am castigat again!
Totusi, sper ca acea carte de la editura Litera sa nu fie SF; am castigat-o fix la intrebarea daca autorii romani ar trebui sa scrie mai multe carti SF…

Anyway, later edit ca sa va spun exact ce carte e; trebuie sa ma duc sa o iau fix de la sediul lor din Vitan-Barzesti…le sigh…de ce trebuie sa aveti toti sedii la (mama naibii?) capetele opuse ale Bucurestiului? Abia mi-am revenit din „aventura” Adevarul Holding cu luatul pachetului din Pajura…and it is a very scary area, cu caini agresivi si pustie chiar si la orele 12-13, dar colectia Sherlock Holmes a meritat! Este excelenta!

(dar ma jur, de acum daca mai cumpar ceva de la ei prefer sa platesc transport decat sa mai dau pe acolo)

*later edit: cartea este „Cand Dumnezeu era iepure” de Sarah Winman. Din ce am citit pe coperta 4, pare o lectura ce merita, dar inca nu am timp – vreau sa temin Sherlock Holmes inainte sa ma apuc de aceasta carte.

After Ever After by Paint

Va mai aduceti aminte de Paint? Tipul ala care a creat Harry Potter in 99 seconds si Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds? Si Movie Villain Medley? Si care a facut cantece despre directorul lui de liceu?
Ei bine, Paint a mai scos o parodie! De data asta ne vorbeste despre printesele filmelor Disney si ce s-a intamplat cu ele cu „au trait fericiti pana la adanci batraneti”.

With no further ado, behold za work of art!

Fiinta „gateste” pulpe de pui pe gratar [cu poze]

Asta am pus-o asa, doar pentru lulz, ca toata lumea stie sa puna niste pulpe pe un gratar.
However, combinatia mea preferata de condimente este sare grunjosa + piper cu usturoi. Nu ca vreau sa fac reclama, dar nah.


Si acum fac chestia cu „before” si „after”. Ca sa aveti la ce saliva.

Gratarul nostru e constituit astfel incat partea de jos e usor adancita, ca o tavita, si in ea se pune cam un ibric/o cana de apa. Pulpele eu le asez asa:


Si dupa aproximativ o ora:

Va spun cu mana pe inima ca au fost delicioase!XD

Fiinta gateste mucenici fierti [cu poze]

Mama a plecat de dimineata la biserica cu pomana, fiind Sambata Mortilor, si mi-a lasat mie sarcina sa fac mucenicii fierti. Mi-a pus toate ingredientele intr-o punga si mi-a zis sa ii fac cu bunica.
Prin urmare, am cautat reteta pe internet.
Pe bunica din pacate nu pot sa contez. Cand am intrebat-o in trecut ceva la o tocanita mai rau m-a incurcat. De fiecare data cand imi zicea, imi zicea altfel.

So, am gasit eu vreo 4 retete pe prima pagina de google si m-am uitat prin alea, combinandu-le pana a iesit ceva ce mergea cu ingredientele mele:

DSCF6266 (apropo, imi place la nebunie poza asta!)

So, iata minunata reteta:

2L apa
500 g mucenici
300 g zahar
3 linguri miere
coaja rasa de la 1 lamaie
2 fiole esenta de rom
4 plicuri zahar vanilat
300 g samburi nuca
1 lingurita scortisoara
un praf de sare (adica cat iei o data cu 3 degete)


Mi-am pregatit cuminte suprafata de lucru, am masurat zaharul cu un pahar gradat si mi-am pus apa (2,5 L ca sa aiba de unde sa se evapore) la fiert impreuna cu zaharul tos, zaharul vanilat si un praf de sare si am amestecat putin cu lingura de lemn. Cand a inceput sa fiarba, am pus mucenicii.


Acum, ideal e sa ti-i faci in casa, cu mana sau cu o forma speciala, sa ii lasi o zi sa se usuce si apoi sa ii gatesti. Din lipsa de timp, insa, mama a preferat sa ii cumpere.


In timp ce asteptam ca mucenicii sa fiarba (fusesem avertizata ca va dura cam o ora), am taiat miezul de nuca. El nu trebuie taiat foarte fin. Un sfert de nuca se taie in 3-4 parti, cam asa.


Apoi am gasit un fel de hibrid de lamaie cu portocala prin casa si am ras-o pe aia. Eu credeam ca o sa am cu ce lucra, dar sora mea e mare amatoare de lamai si a ras tot.

In timp ce mucenicii fierb, trebuie sa fie amestecati din cand in cand cu lingura, dar incet, cu grija ca sa nu se rupa. Ai mei s-au rupt oricum, dar asta nu mai conteaza:)) O sa gasiti scris peste tot ca se amesteca pentru a nu se lipi intre ei, dar nu asta e problema: ei se lipesc de peretii vasului, de fapt. Si e greu sa ii dezlipesti!
Practic, trebuie sa fii pe langa foc tot timpul.

Dupa ce am terminat cu miezul de nuca si lamaia-portocala, m-am cinstit si eu cu o cana de Pepsi:

Apoi m-am dus sa ma mai plimb pe afara cate un minut doua, pentru ca apoi sa revin langa foc sa mai invartesc putin in oala. Am trecut pe langa pisica insurgenta care acum e gravida,
pe langa motanul insurgent care dormea la soare, pe masuta de plastic de pe veranda,
pe langa pisica familiei – Kitty, care le pusese gand rau la amandoi,
pe langa tata care taia ramurelele copacilor ca sa ajute circulatia sevei si cresterea lor,
pe langa brandusele care au iesit acum cateva zile,
si pe langa Patratica, za bat-dog care are niste probleme de sanatate si i s-a facut o injectie azi.

Cam dupa o ora, timp in care am mai adaugat niste apa, mucenicii au ajuns aproape bine fierti, si atunci a venit momentul sa adaug mierea, coaja de lamaie-portocala, miezul de nuca si scortisoara. Am invartit bine si am mai asteptat un timp, apoi am inchis focul. La sfarsit se adauga si romul.


Am constatat ca, din cauza dimensiunii mici a vasului, mi-a iesit un fel de terci – adica nu lichid. However, a fost bun! Iar data viitoare voi folosi un vas de cel putin 4L capacitate.