Creative Writing session

O tipa de pe FB, membra a comunitatii de HP fan fiction writers a organizat un prim „curs”, la care online am participat doar eu, si ne-a dat si tema pentru acasa (lol, de cand n-am mai avut asa ceva XD)
Tipa uraste songficurile, asa ca ne-a avertizat de la inceput sa luam cateva cuvinte sau maxim un vers intreg dintr-un cantec pe care ni l-a dat ea, si pornind de la ele sa facem mici drabbles. Eu cred ca e un exercitiu bun pentru NaNo si au iesit idei de aici ;))

Nu am sa spun ce cantec era. E posibil sa va prindeti imediat, pentru ca am ales 5 versuri din el – cele mai interesante, and it might sound familiar ;))
Dupa Trifecta, chestia asta a picat la fix. Si las si comentariul cu care am trimis tema, pentru ca in prima noastra convorbire, Ivana a accentuat rolul culorilor si temelor in scris – asa ca m-am bagat si eu un pic pe felie, sa ii arat ca am invatat ceva de la ea.

„It was a very interesting assignment. I’ve participated in the Trifecta Challenge a few times, but I like what I came out with here more. I have marked the drabbles that are original and the ones that are fan fiction works. I tried to use colors in the last one as an extra motif, and I tried for dark themes, because somehow the lyrics, taken separately, have managed to point me to „that way”. My characters just took the story out of my hands and I can’t be more grateful for it XD”


1. I’m limited (original)

I am afraid to look inside my self, because I know I am limited. And that is ugly, and by Gods, I wish you will never see it. I never knew it, not until I began to long for your eyes, and for your soft locks of hair burning in the weak September sun. And now I am doing my best to run away from myself, run to you, because I believe you have what it takes to make me cross that limit. But will you still look at me when you see the ugly truth? Will you accept to give more, and lose more of yourself, for this damned soul prostating itself before you?

2. (Like) a stream that meets a boulder (fan fiction)

Potter is at it again, Draco observes with a wistful expression. Day by day and even far into the night, Harry Potter trains for the final task of the Triwizard Tournament. Granger and the Weasel follow him everywhere, of course, and while Granger is somewhat useful, looking for all the right books, the Weasel is not even a decent sparring partner. Draco is everything Potter ever needed, but Potter will never see it. Potter wrote Draco off a long time ago.
Draco might be a stream that meets a boulder and looks for escape routes around it, but Potter is a stream that breaks down all boulders in its path, be it Voldemort, a Potions test, or…Draco’s only heart.

3. Halfway through the wood (fan fiction)

It starts with a tiny, little crack. He doesn’t even notice it. Why doesn’t he notice? it wonders, as more and more magic in forced through it and through her. The tiny crack wails and the wails crack more. The magic is strong, but the mind is not. Surely, he should know what he is doing, he, the unworthy one! But he does not; he keeps slashing, and tearing, and blasting the shields of the old fortress. And the knight in Golden armor is waiting for him, leading the army of children who fight for the bright future the adults have already given up on.
The tiny crack is walfway through the wood when the wizard realizes he has lost.
It is the wizard’s time to wail. His green light will wait no more.

4. (Like a) handprint on my heart (original)

How dare you? he asks the woman sitting with her back strainght in a chair, in front of him, arms folded gracefully in her lap, a cup of chamomille tea on a small table in front of her. How can you still stare at me like that, after everything you have done to me? You smile like you don’t know the torment you put me through, the nights I have stayed awake, clinging to a caress, a whisper, a whisp of your perfume. You smile like you don’t know that your long, red nails have reached so deep that I can literally see your handprint on my heart!
And yet you stand there and tell me, with a secretive smile on your face, that our little love story is done. That I shall see you no more. That I have lost you to a rival I can never compete with.
…that you have less than one month left to live.
You are evil, woman. You are heartless.

5. I have been changed for good (fan fiction, M/M slash)

Hello, Harry. Do you remember me? It must be awful, staying in that sickly white bed all day long, waiting for some nurse to come administer your medication and bestow colorful words of kindness upon that white canvass that makes your world now. It should be awful for me to stay here, by your side, and watch you frown in confusion every time you see me.
It is, and at the same time, it is not.

It is, because I love you. I should have told you this before you admitted your feelings, and before that despicable curse hit you. That girl with fiery hair that reminds you so much of your deceased mother, was she really your friend? Would a friend curse you with forgetfulness, with the inability to remember me and our love? No matter, her equally fiery blood has been spilt on your white walls a long time ago.

It is not, because I still see you. You still smile at this ugly, snakelike face, like you’ve seen an old friend. And your hand is as warm now as it was the first time I managed to steal a kiss. And I still can steal a kiss, every day. Even falling asleep next to your love and waking up next to a stranger is something that you will never deny me.

Look at the great Lord Voldemort, leaving the Ministry and the World behind, succumbing to curious green eyes and goofy, gryffindorish grins! Look at Lord Voldemort, leaving behind his crowns, his lockets and his diaries! Look at all his rewritten future and say that I haven’t been changed! I have been changed for good, haven’t I? Shouldn’t this scare me more? What an odd concept: Lord Voldemort, scared of himself. If only you could hear me now, my sleeping Harry.

Cum e?
Good? Bad? Ugly?


Trifextra week 51

Look at me!

Look at the sky. Look at the ground. Small people, so unimportant.
This is my moment. I’m auditioning for “Home Alone 2”.
In two years time, you’ll all line up for my autograph.

Empire State Pigeon
ZeroOne/ BY-SA


So I didn’t get any votes last time. That sucks, but it just proves how much I have to catch up to the others. I didn’t get to vote either. Stupid time zones. Oh well. Another community-judged challenge this weekend!

This time we had to choose a picture out of three and I chose the only one that didn’t imply I had to write a heartbreaking story. I’m tired of heartbreaking. I want to write something simple and funny.

Trifecta week sixty

Rules are the same:
– Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
– You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
– The word itself needs to be included in your response.
– You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
– Only one entry per writer.

BUT, this week’s challenge is community-judged, which will be quite interesting.

Our word this week:


1: lacking worth or basis: vain
2: not occupied or employed: as
a : having no employment : inactive
b : not turned to normal or appropriate use
c : not scheduled to compete
3: a : shiftless, lazy
b : having no evident lawful means of support


Oh, those lazy summer days…

He watches the clouds, arms folded behind his head, expression serene. He’s been spending these idle summer days the same way ever since he was a kid.
He’s a fourteen-year-old boy, fresh out of school and looking forward to high school. The clouds pass by lazily, and he is searching for shapes: bunnies, trains, friends, – oh, is that a Cumulonimbus? So it’s going to rain today; what a shame.
Cloud watching helps him tune out the shrilly voices of his two stepsisters arguing over their usual petty things.

“Badmouthing my boyfriend on Twitter again, Laura? Tell me, have you washed your mouth this morning? Smells like something died in it!”
“Your pride, perhaps, Jane?”

Jane chuckles.

“How witty of you, darling. And here I considered the train of your thought didn’t go very far.”
“Well, you know what they say, Jane. It’s all witticism until someone loses an eye!”
“So that’s what happened to your eyes then? You should have told us. I, for one, would like to send your opponent a ‘Thank You’ card, maybe even a gift!”
“That is my smoky eye make-up, you nerd!”

He sighs. He’s looking forward to the day he’ll live in the University Campus with only one or two male roommates. Girls are just too scary.


I almost didn’t make it. This week’s word seemed a bit difficult (never used it before, neither in writing nor in speech), but I’m glad I managed to come up with something in the end. I’m almost happy about my result. Hope you enjoyed it!

Trifecta Check-In (because Mariko did it and I have nothing better to do)

What is your name (real or otherwise)?
DeeDee or Diana, take your pick!

Describe your writing style in three words.
Random, funny, emotional.

How long have you been writing online?
I’ve been writing fan fiction online since 2008. I haven’t written much, but I believe my grammar and vocabulary have improved considerably because of this.

Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in?
Joined NaNoWriMo in 2012 and managed to write around 57.000 words, even though I didn’t manage to finish the novel.

Describe one way in which you could improve your writing.
Reading more English contemporary literature. I especially hope to increase my vocabulary and improve my descriptions.

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
I’ve been given a lot of advice in November this year, from fellow Wrimos, pep talks and so on. But I think, the best advice I received was to allow my characters to interact and see what new direction they’ll take me, even if that means I’ll be straying from my outline. I think my story began to „live” only when my characters „took over”. It was an amazing feeling – and in the end I didn’t stray from my outline too much.

Who is your favorite author?
JK Rowling, hands down. Her writing style is accessible to almost all ages and she was able to create an entire Universe almost from scratch. My respect for her goes beyond words.

How do you make time to write?
For NaNoWriMo I reserved two hours a day, from 8 to 10 or 11 PM when I wrote about 2000 words. Nowadays, for fan fiction I usually make time during the weekend (or week days, same hour interval if inspiration truly hits me) and for Trifecta – well, I write practically the very minutes after I’ve read the challenge.

Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt. Remember–it must have a third definition.
Hmm…maybe solitary? Can’t think of more interesting ones right now.

Direct us to one blog post of yours that we shouldn’t miss reading.
Unfortunately, most of my articles on this blog are in Romanian, and they are pretty random, reporting on things from music to anime and personal stuff. You don’t want to read my comments about Cher vs One Direction’s covers of „Viva la Vida”, right? Thought so. So I’ll direct you to my post about LOLCATS., for the pictures with my work.
The only post that could be of interest for writers is the one where I show my NaNoWriMo progress after week 4, using screenshots. It’s written in Romanian though.

Trifecta Challenge – week 59

mi-a spus de Trifecta si m-a invitat sa particip si eu. Cum nu am spus nu nici la NaNoWriMo, am zis – hai sa ma bag si la asta!

The challenge goes like this:
– Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
– You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
– the word itself needs to be included in your response.
– You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
– Only one entry per writer.

This week’s word: INTENTION (noun)
1: a determination to act in a certain way : resolve
2: import, significance
3a : what one intends to do or bring about
b : the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered



She molded the old clay in her hands, disregarding the sharp pain that coursed through her fingers. She was tired after a long day of work, and her fingers ached, but her intention to mould this dream surpassed by far any ailment that could befall her at this point.
The clay gave in, and the young girl began to shape – a face, a body, hands and strong legs, a vision of perfect health. A purpose. Ultimately, a dream.

Her best friend had lost function of the legs after being hit by a drunk driver on the sidewalk. The doctors were reserved with their prognosis.
She wiped her stinging eyes furiously as she put the clay figurine in the over, to bake. In the next thirty minutes, she would create the origami gift box and ornate with it drawn doodles and words. She would then paint the figurine, glaze it and let it dry. And she would take it to her best friend the next day, just before her surgery.

And when her best friend’s eyes lit up in glee, as she lifted the small figurine representing her pure self, the young girl knew they had taken the first step to a miracle together.

Incepe NaNoWriMo! (1-30 nov)

NaNoWriMo, sau National Novel Writing Month se desfasoara intre 1 si 30 noiembrie aici:


Milione de scriitori sau aspiranti se inscriu intr-o cursa contra cronometru al carui scop este sa produca o poveste de minim 50.000 de cuvinte.
Aproximand…asta inseamna cam 150 de pagini de Word scrise cu Times New Roman marime 12. E ceva, nu?

E ca un bootcamp la distanta. Te inarmezi cu multa cafea, chestii de rontait, si nu iesi din casa fara un caiet si un pix cu tine. Sau te postezi ore in fata calculatorului, scriind.
Scopul este sa atingi numarul de cuvinte, nimeni nu iti spune ca trebuie sa iasa romanul perfect. Ai tot restul anului ca sa editezi la el pana iese cum iti doresti.
Pe forumuri primesti ajutor de la cei experimentati, orice problema ai avea.
Iti faci prieteni, schimbi idei, si poate ajungi sa iti si publici capodopera!

Partea buna e ca NaNoWriMo a inceput sa prinda si in Romania si comunitatea e in crestere.

And here’s Kristina’s pep talk pentru aia care vor dar isi gasesc motive sa nu se inscrie!

Toti cei interesati, inscrieti-va acum!

Pentru incepatori, recomand aceste doua linkuri care iti dau startul:

Persoana care ne vorbeste despre Snowflake Method este chiar autorul cartii „Writing Fiction for Dummies”.

Nu dati banii pe „metode magice rapide”, care promit sa va vanda „secrete” si asa mai departe.
Oamenii care chiar vor sa ajute un potential nou scriitor sa isi ia startul scriu articole pe bloguri si vand carti in mod cinstit. Vezi „Dummies Guide to Writing Fiction. Nu ar trebui sa vi se ceara mai mult de 15$ pe un curs/o carte. Hai, poate 20 daca autorul e faimos, are si un CD si e placata cu cristale Swarovski. Dar 45$?! E strigator la cer.